December 23rd

This afternoon, while the kids were playing dress ups and generally tearing the house apart I made a table topper from a yard of Alexander Henry and binding made from a red fat quarter with tiny white spots. When I bought this a month ago I thought I would use it to make a dress for one of the girls butI realised that they each have several summer dresses and I have, as previously mentioned, a fear of garment making. This is such a great fabric and I am looking forward to using it on the Christmas table on the 25th and then pulling it out in the years to come.


Eleanor said…
OK, I ADORE that tablecloth. ADORE. I also love to imagine you madly sewing it up as the kids run around you. You amaze me Duvey xxx

P.S. I chose the "dance of ambivalence" and haven't regretted it. It's a fun dance ;-)
Frogdancer said…
You're smarter than me.
I started 2 quilts yesterday. YTo give to people tomorrow. Full sized quilts.
I'm an idiot.

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