December 21st

Ta da!
This was such a satisfying project. The dress-ups have been overflowing from two plastic tubs in the younger 3's room for months and I have been planning on doing something about it but wasn't sure what would work. We need to fit baby #5 in there in Feb so it doesn' t make sense to get a rattan chest even though that would be ideal. Something like this would do nicely.

But space is really at a premium so I decided to make a jumbo drawstring bag. I have made so many of these now using the Happy Things tutorial that this came together in a snap and I used almost the last of my favourite Alexander Henry print, 2d zoo. The denim is from kelani fabrics and it is lined with an orange and white striped polycotton from Lincraft. For comparison, that smaller bag is one I made using the dimensions on the tutorial. J keeps his bakugan and tech decks in it.

The room looks so much neater and it doesn't take long to shovel everything back into the bag once the dress-up game is over. I luff it!


Frogdancer said…
Now that's good thinking!
Stomper Girl said…
Way more stylish than our cracked old laundry basket at the bottom of their wardrobe!

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