December 12th

Today really showed me just how much you could get done if you had a dedicated sewing space and could work on projects in the little odds and ends of time that show themselves throughout the days. JW and I set up the sewing machine this morning after My Duyvken and the kids left for the Opera House and steadily worked our way through a few things on my list. We sewed, played, ate, danced to the Passenger cd and after a few hours I was thrilled with what we'd achieved. Alex's quilt just needs to have the binding stitched down by hand, and I made two doll quilts for Christmas gifts. These pillowcase doll quilts are a great idea from Dana Made It, and take no time at all to complete. I love that pillowcase on the left, I wonder how Mr Duyvken would feel about having folk arty flowers all over his bed?


blackbird said…
I'm sure Mr. Duyvken is very well adjusted.
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