December 10th

C brought this home from pre-school today and I thought it was a genius idea! It's Christmas card and candy cane season at school which can be tough for kids who have allergies and food sensitivities and for mums and dads who try to control how much refined sugar makes its way into the kid's diets at this time of year. This little container filled with reindeer food (i.e. birdseed) delighted C and is tucked safely under the Christmas tree to be spread across the yard on Christmas eve. We've already handed out several kilos worth of sugar with the cards this year but hopefully I'll remember this lovely little idea for Christmas 2011.


A great idea ! And the children will all be delighted by the sudden invasion of birds .
Though you might indeed be surprised by a reindeer or two , who knows !
Cass said…
This is a great one we did it a couple of years ago and it was a big hit with the kids. Another great one we did last year was a CD of Charlotte's favourite Christmas tunes for her class

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