A stroller bag and a giveaway link

The day before we flew out I bought an umbrella fold stroller at Kmart. It is just a $25 stroller and is pretty basic which suited us well as I didn't want to be worried about it getting damaged or lost. It even has a sunshade! But one thing I decided I coudn't live without was a basket. So, like all sensible people, I spent the evening before our flight sewing this little bag together.

I've made several lined drawstring bags using this great tutorial from Happy Things. They're scattered through the house holding toys, puzzle pieces and treasures. C keeps a few special things in one and tucks it under her pillow at night and I so love seeing her clutching it in her sweaty little hand as she sleeps. I knew I'd be able to alter the pattern to fit the stroller dimensions and a couple of other adjustments would make it perfect.

I threaded elastic through the top to keep things from falling out but added a couple of fabric loops to hang over the stroller handles. I should have inset the loops into the side seams for a tidier finish but I wasn't about to unpick it to start over again so it will be staying like it is and no-one will notice but me.

A few more loops and some hardware to attach it to the hardware already on the stroller and we were all set. The hardware is the bit that made it all work because without it the bag would swing out and overbalance the stroller. With the hooks the bag stayed put and we were able to carry all the diapers, wipes, bug spray, plastic cups, mylanta (25 weeks pregnant and suffering :-)) and other paraphernalia that we carried around with us on all our day trips.

I used some adorable robot linen that I bought from Retromummy ages ago and have had sitting in the stash and lined it with some red cotton from Spotlight. Now, I'm itching to make a quilted stroller liner to make it even more comfortable.

By the way, retromummy has a great giveaway of Rosalie Quinlan fabric at the moment and I'm itching to win! So head on over and check it out!


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I don't know how you people find the time.

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