Kuala Lumpur - flights 1 & 2

The idea to go to Malaysia started brewing when Mr Duyvken went to his brother's wedding in Northern Ireland in May. The cheapest flight he could organise left him with a 24hr layover in Kuala Lumpur and he raved about it when he got home. A few months later Air Asia announced a massive 24hr sale on flights and he was able to book tickets for all 6 of us (all adult fares now that Miss JW is 2) and so, after a ridiculously short conversation about it while I was waiting to collect the kids from school we decided to go for it. Buyers remorse quickly set in for both of us knowing that it would further postpone our already postponed renovation plans but it was such a wonderful trip I know that we'd do it all again in a heartbeat.
We set off early one morning catching the train into the airport and flew to Melbourne to spend a few hours showing the kids the city and catching up with Mr Duyvken's sister, Adele. We happened to land on a bitterly cold, wet and windy day so quickly changed our plans from walking through the city enjoying the sights to finding a dry spot to have a coffee and wait out the day. The kids were very excited to be in another city and we loved spending a few hours in a warm Melbourne pub catching up with Adele and watching the kids dance to the live music. They were pretty trashed by the time we boarded our flight to KL and slept the whole way there waking up ready to embrace their first day in Malaysia's biggest city.
We stayed in a serviced apartment complex in KLCC, a short stroll from the Petronas Towers and a cheap taxi ride from everywhere we wanted to explore.
We were immediately hit by the intense humidity (oh the humidity was NOT kind to my pregnant self!) so spent plenty of time in the pool,

some of us even practiced our diving,ensuring that we were fit and ready for our adventures.
We went to Jalan Bukit Bintang for dinner,

visited the Central Market, went bowling at Berjaya Times Square - a game G won which left her delighted and J in tears (boys are such delicate creatures!).

We went to the Petronas Towers,some of the wonderful public parks,and wandered the amazingly busy and bustling streets.The kids were quite a novelty for the locals with everyone wanting to touch Charlotte's fair cheeks and JW's curly hair. JW took it all in her stride but Super Medium Girl wasn't happy with all the attention. We ended up having to run quite a bit if interference for her, poor thing.

We also went to the fantastic Aquaria. The kids had a ball and I enjoyed the a/c immensely :-)This photo shows C and JW demonstrating how scared they would be if something that big swam up next to them in the sea. It also fairly accurately represents my regret at not bringing the DSLR and only carrying my Fuji Finepix. There were so many wonderful things to photograph and I barely captured any of it!

After a very busy but somehow also very relaxing 5 days we boarded our 3rd flight for a very different experience in Borneo. Some of us spent the time on the flight updating our travel journals...
...while others took the opportunity to mock their wife's inability to complete puzzles.
I suggest that some people spent their time more productively than other, don't you agree?


blackbird said…
Those are absolutely adorable pics of your family!
It looks like it was a wonderful trip.
Eleanor said…
Best post ever.

That photo of JW preparing to dive is the bomb.

Off to eat a felafel in Mr. D's honour!
Suse said…
Yep, the Prepare to Dive is my favourite too.

Love the temple!
Corrie said…
love the pic of hubby! we all know who is the brightest person in any family!

you're bringing back memories and it all looks fabulous! tillie has that little gymboree outfit too with the cute shorts to match!!!

I bet the kids had a ball with thr pool
eurolush said…
Love the looks on the kiddies faces as jaws looms behind them. Great photos all around!
Fran said…
looks and sounds fantastic Amelia! Go the impulsive, spur of the moment decisions - thats what makes life fun and interesting.
Pearl Smith said…
wonderful! I really loved these pictures ,it looks you really had great time in flight to kuala lumpur.

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