Ghermez Cupcakes

JW and I took the train into the cbd today to meet Mr Duyvken for lunch. JW and I delighted in walking as though we had somewhere very important to go just like all the people around us (very little strolling seems to happen in Martin Place) and when we arrived at the Christmas Tree we weren't disappointed. JW adored it and chatted about it all the way home, layering it into her story about the dinosaur she'd battled and all the cute tinysaurs who'd helped her. She has a vivid imagination, that's for sure!
We were absolutely stuffed after lunch but I couldn't resist buying a couple of cupcakes from Ghermez on George St on the way back to the station. We bought a regular red velvet cake and a mini strawberry cake that JW devoured on the way home. I saved the red velvet for 5pm when I knew the pregnancy munchies would kick in and I have to say, I was kind of disappointed. It just tastes like coconut which is great and all but I was wanting a red velvet and cream cheese frosting kick.
Ah yes, she looks pretty but like Nicole Kidman in The Golden Compass she disappoints.


The Coffee Lady said…
Ahem. You were meant to be making your own - we had a deal, remember?!
eurolush said…

I approve of this post...although I do wish they'd been more tasty.

They looked nice! There's that...

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