Super Medium Girl

Thank you for all your lovely messages about the new baby. I've really started showing in the last few weeks so I've had to dig out the maternity clothes. I've started feeling lots of little flutterings and movements from the baby, which I love and have been getting plenty of heartburn, which I don't love.

The major pregnancy symptom I am struggling with now is tiredness and that has drastically reduced my sewing time. Normally, I get the machine out only after the children are in bed and the dinner stuff has been packed away. But now that I am rolling into bed at 9 there hasn't been much stitching activity at all. I forced myself to ignore the laundry and the chores today so that I could finish C's birthday present and it was so nice to have some time at the machine!

C has a super hero alter ego called Super Medium Girl. Isn't that a great name? Super Medium Girl finds some great outfits in the dress up box but I thought she could use a dedicated outfit so I channelled my inner Edna Mole...
...and created this little number:

The Incredibles fans will know that Edna would NOT approve of the cape but I think that the velcro will be the safety feature that will protect Super Medium Girl should she start to get sucked into a vortex.

The wristbands have several groovy features - codes to generate an invisibility field when required, spy code breaking applications, and super power boosters for when she needs to get to the trampoline in a hurry. So far, it's a big hit!

I used felt, interfacing and perle thread to make the head and wrist bands and polyester to make the cape. I used the Floating World cape tutorial but found that the round neckband was a bit tricky to stitch the gathered cape into neatly. That's more a reflection of my sewing skills than a problem with the tutorial. I think if I do it again I'll use a straight neckband if I am using a slippery poly fabric. One should know one's shortcomings, don't you think? And I will be making more because JW has requested an orange cape.
PS I hope she doesn't take this the wrong way (i.e. what I am about to write could easily be insulting but hopefully that disclaimer will put me in the clear) but Edna Mole always reminds me of a certain Blackbird - the glasses, the Anna Wintour hair, the height, the black outfits and the definite ideas about fashion. I don't know if BB says 'dahling' much but she should think about adopting it :-)


Eleanor said…
First of all, RUSH to copyright the "Super Medium Girl" brand. It's so C. It's so perfectly in-between Big Girl and Little Girl. That girl rocks.

Next - Oh my gosh, that costume is genius and does it come in my size? Can I be Super Middle Woman? Pleeeeeeeeeeez?

Finally - Are you sure you never met bb?? Because you nailed it. And if I know bb even a bit then I know she will be DELIGHTED.
blackbird said…
I think the costume is BRILLIANT.
AND, you will undoubtedly gasp to hear that at my office blog one of the writers did a celebrity lookalike post and I? AM EDNA MOLE. DAHLING!
Mary said…
What a fantastic costume... I swear you are one of the best mothers I know..

Stomper Girl said…
I LOVE Edna Mole. NO CAPES!!
Suzy said…
What a great costume! Lucky girl.

I think you're right, slippery poly would definitely be hard to stitch into the neck band... I've only tried it with thin cotton. Maybe I should put a disclaimer on the tutorial?
Trix said…
For sure not a Hobo Suite this one...
eurolush said…
Awesome costume! I love C's secret identity. I plan to be Super Large Girl, myself, which I just came up with right now. Will be working on the costume in the near future, by eating lots of pastries and cart- loads of giant chocolate Santas. I don't think much sewing will be involved.

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