A prose poem from Eleanor

I shared my baby news with Eleanor from the Commentbox a while ago and after plutzing with happiness (love those expressions) she sent me this beautiful prose poem.

Amelia's Secret
Amelia is so very happy,
but she's finding it hard to know,
whether to tell her secret,
or let her secret grow.
The secret comes with a time limit,
and she knows this very well.
For no matter when she says it,
the secret will show and tell.
Soon, that sweet little secret,
will dress in flesh and bone,
it will cry and sleep and smile,
in its brand new shape and form.
You see, bodies hide many secrets,
throught the years they give.
But only women have the power,
to make a secret live.

Thank you dear Eleanor, I love it!


Stomper Girl said…
That brought a little tear to my eye, that did.
Marina said…
A big congrats to you!! (Love the poem, how sweet....)
blackbird said…
She's so good, isn't she?
Mary said…
What a beautiful keepsake for that special person curled within your womb right now...

Eleanor said…
My pleasure Duvey xxxx
Soft Rock Mama said…
Lovely poem!
Eleanor rocks!!
Jen said…
Congrats! But please--tell me Eleanor plotzed instead of plutzed.
eurolush said…
Another Eleanor classic for a wonderful friend.

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