Someone's turning 4

Miss C has requested a princess cake for her party this weekend and since my cake decorating skillz are not what I would like them to be I have been looking for simple but effective ideas. You know, cake decorating for dummies. I think I might have found a couple of winners so I thought I'd share. I know I'm not the only one who has a princess in the family.
The first search was inspired by my childhood friend, Bernadette. I remember having a sleepover the night before her 10th birthday and we stayed up late helping her mum decorate the castle cake from the Australian Woman's Weekly cake book. It was DIVINE! Whipped icing and smarties as far as the eye could see.
Try as I might, I can't find a recipe online but I think I'll be able to recreate it from lots of similar looking cakes like this one
and using an icing recipe like this one.
The beauty of the internet is that I have also been able to find a back up option should the amazing confection bavarian castle recreation not turn out as planned and that it this little beauty.

Genius, right? Ice a cake and stick a crown on top. That's the 11pm on Friday, it's all turned to sh*t option :-)
The kids will be here on Saturday morning at 10:30 for a morning tea party, some crafting and games. She can't wait! Secretly, neither can I, I LOVE throwing birthday parties.
And what does the princess want for her birthday? A skateboard and a super hero outfit. She's more like Princess Smartypants than Sleeping Beauty.


The Coffee Lady said…
Go with the crown, that would be my advice. Skip the stress.
Corrie said…
now I have the original AWW birthday day book! want me to go and check if the castle is in it and I can scan you a copy of the recipe tomorrow?????????????

would hate to let a 4 year old princess down?

A part of me dreads icing the birthday cake because I always think it will go wrong. This year for keira I did a donna hay round butter cake, butter cream icing, her name spelt out in red and pink skittles and pink musk sticks around the outside and then a big pink bow around it too. It was so simple but looked so pretty!

good luck! so long as it's pink and princessy I'm sure you'll be fine!

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