A butterfly's wings flapping

The lovely Eurolush's blog is open for business again after a summer hiatus during which she went on a cupcake study tour through the US. I knew she was going away but I didn't realise how dramatic the impact of her absence would be on Germany until today.
The evidence? This quote from today's Sydney Morning Herald:
"German retails sales slipped again in July. Retails sales edge 0.3% lower, according to provisional figures released by the national statistics office, the same as the revised loss in June."
Apparently, Eurolush's pastry purchases from Frau Muller and her support of flea market vendors have been keeping the delicately-balanced Germany economy afloat. The Germans clearly recognise this and have been staking out the international airports waiting for her return, as the next paragraph notes that:
"...analysts polled by Dow Jones Newswires had forecast a July increase of 0.5%."
Which can only be read as a joyful announcement of her return with her pockets jangling with change, her billfold stuffed with that wacky american paper money and her tummy rumbing for some of Muller's goodies.
Welcome home Eurolush! The Germany economy and I have missed you.


Mary said…
I have missed you! I was only thinking of you today and wondering how you were!
Eleanor said…
Eurolush, Eurolush, Eurolush, it's all about Eurolush, everybody loves Eurolush.

The Coffee Lady said…
You'll only encourage her, you know.
eurolush said…
Hi, Duyvken.

I'm doing my best to get things back on track in Germany. It's hard, you know, when the WHOLE ECONOMY depends on one's beer- drinking, pastry-eating and flea marketing. Sigh. Somebody's gotta got do it. I feel uncomfortable being labeled a 'hero.' But, I'm willing to accept the description with grace and charm. As always.

PS-Coffee Lady is right. And she should know. She's been DIScouraging me for years now. Or so it seems.

PPS-Thank you, Duyvken! You are the sweetest thing.

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