Happy 101

The lovely Sophie from Her Heart My Hands has tagged me for the Happy 101 meme. Just the kick I need to get a fresh post up on the blog, although it pains me to not have JW and the camellias at the top of the page. Might have to make that a header.
10 things that make me happy
1. Snuggling with the kids just after they're bathed and they're wearing pjs and their skin is still warm from the water.
2. Swimming.
3. Getting into bed early, cranking up the electric blanket and reading a crime novel. The soundtrack to this is often Mr Duyvken crunching away at an apple. I've never met anyone who eats as many apples as Mr Duyvken!
4. Meeting friends for a coffee and a chat.
5. Walking to the park by myself or with the peeps.
6. Eating watermelon, oranges and strawberries.
7. Having a tidy house.
8. Pottering in the garden while the kids are being raucous and having a great time but not needing me to be playing with them. I call this The Holy Grail.
9. Looking through old photographs.
10. Having time to sew. This doesn't happen too often but oh how I love it when it does.
It's not an earth-shattering list is it?
So, who to tag? I'd love to hear from Eurolush, Lynn, Eleanor, Retromummy and Bungalow Babble but feel free to join in if you think it sounds like fun!
And just because I want to share it with you here is one of my all-time favourite blogs. Jen's a delight!


sophie said…
Great list Amelia, there are some of my faves on there too!
Eleanor said…
Oooo...I'm tagged!

I love your list, it makes me happy.
Cath said…
A, thanks for the tag, a post for tomorrow. Lucky me, catching up with the delightful Chaletgirl tonight at the Hills Craft Room. Ciao, C :)
Cath said…
P.S. Retromummy posted a great link a few weeks ago on how to insert a picture into your blog header. That picture of JW deserves to be at the top of your blog every day!!!
Corrie said…
oh good list! ok I'll do this tmrw after mathildas when I can breathe again!

Jen said…
I am honored and humbled. :)
Lynn said…
Ooh, fun! Sorry to be so late to the party - I promise I'll post my list soon. Actually, can I just copy yours? I was sighing all the way through...

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