Goodies from Aunty S

I am sure I've already mentioned my lovely sister, Aunty S, who works in children's book publishing and who keeps the kids books shelves well-stocked. These are the most recent treats she's brought over and they're so wonderful I thought I would share them with you.

Firstly, she gave G this great Tin Tin looking book, Art Auction Mystery. It's great fun and G has really gotten into it. They've been studing Monet in art this past term and she's particularly enjoyed finding paintings she's studied in its pages. Secretly, I really like this one too!

For J she selected Madeline in London. All the Madeline books we have are well-thumbed and well-loved so this has been a welcome addition to the shelf. I find some of the rhyme a bit lazy but that's all part of the charm. Pointing out London landmarks and counting all the girls are some of the things he loves most about this book.

JW got this adorable book by Andrew Daddo. It's called I Do It and it could have been written about JW herself. She says that so often its practically a catchphrase. Obviously, she's not the only 2yo expressing her independence this way so if you have one of your own doing the same thing I can recommend this title. The story is very sweet, the illustrations are delightful and the recurring refrain of 'I do it' adores JW.

PS that's one of my favourite photos in the background, my darling mum and dad took this photobooth picture shortly after they got engaged. They're both BEAMING with delight.


Mary said…
I wonder if my eight year old would like "I do it" - I have a soft spot for Andrew Daddo..

and love the photo booth engagement photos!
Julia said…
The Art Auction book looks fantastic! Thanks for the recommendations :-).
M said…
Those books are a delight, as are the photo booth photos!
Patrícia S... said…
I love you blog.
The picture of your mum and dad are delicious.
Patrícia S.
Patrícia S... said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
BabelBabe said…
Primo loves TinTin. I have to check this out for him.
BabelBabe said…
just realized we have the first, Art Fraud Detective. it's cool.

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