Mr Duyvken is safely home in Australia (although you will notice that he has lost an arm and both his feet to the affections of JW who took to carrying him around with her during the day while he was away) and Papa and Oma are leaving Turkey and heading to Greece. They visited Kusadasi, Ephesus, Aphrodisias and Pammukale (amazing!) and have, by all accounts, had a truly wonderful time exploring this country. I hadn't heard of any of those places so I have enjoyed looking these places up online and partaking in a little cyber-tourism. So much fun!
Mr Duyvken is suffering from the post-holiday blues and a visit to a turkish restaurant in Glebe on the weekend didn't cheer him much. Even the sweetly toned abs the belly dancer contorted in front of him didn't help. That's when you know more than just a food intervention is required, ladies!
And I need to do something about my mid-section.


M said…
Love your map! When my parents travelled to Europe for two months when I was little we stayed at our grandparents' place and followed their journey on a big map in the kitchen like this!
Mary said…
I'm trying - I really am - but I just can't feel too sorry for Mr D...!
Lynn said…
I would gladly tolerate the post-holiday blues if it meant I would get the holiday to go with it. And I, too, need to do something about my abs. Actually, I'm not sure that there are abs under there anymore...

(Welcome home, Mr. Amputee D!)
mishamroo said…
your children do have a thing for tearing the arms off paperdolls!

Do you remember when Flat Stanley visited you and G, then just a baby, and Stanley's arms came off and you delicately sewed it back on - and even wrote an hysterical diary account of his visit in hospital. :)

We still have it. It's one of Sarah's favorite childhood memories.
Corrie said…
I'm sure you have great abs for someone who has had 4 children!!!!!! there is no hope for mine after twins

hope mr duyvken gets back into the swing of things soon!


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