Slaap Lekker, dear J

J's quilt is finished! 200cm x 200cm using one of my all-time favourite fabrics, 2d zoo in pond.

I decided to just get over myself (sheesh, didn't you just want to slap me after that post?) and used the black dot fabric. It looks totally fine and, best of all, it's done! If I were to make this again I would reduce the size of the sashings between the blocks or make the borders just a little wider and I would ditch that light green centred block in the bottom left corner. I didn't like how that colour looked as soon as I put the block together, I don't know why I persisted with it and left it as it was. And, of course, I would use a different fabric for the binding but you know that already and I promise not to talk about it again, okay? It sucks to have perfectionist tendencies and poor skillz.
The kids put together a twister-style game and have been turning themselves inside out, pulling muscles and collapsing in fits of giggles playing it. It blows me away how creatively kids can play when give no direction, plenty of boredom and a good supply of coloured pencils.
PS Slaap lekker (which is embroidered in the light blue block) means sleep well/sleep nicely in dutch.


Mary said…
It blows me away how creative YOU are!
Fran said…
Yay, it looks great! Finished is always good because now you can get on with something else.

Happy (belated) birthday to JW too, looks like you all had a ball at the party.
CC said…
The quilt looks great. I love the "twister" game your kids came up with - very creative!
ingrid said…
It looks fabulous!

And I think the kids get their creative inspiration from their mumma!
Elizabeth said…
Your quilt looks beautiful!
I found your blog thru your comment on Allconsuming... your comment about budgeting made me want to marry you!
Your blog is gorgeous. See you.
Anonymous said…
I love that fabric line. Have you seen it in the wee print?
Tania said…
I could never see the logic in not saying 'slaap smaakelijk' (it seemed 'lekker' was mostly used around food to this Dutch language newbie). So anyway, my Dutch friends still expect a slaap smaakelijk at the end of an email.

PS. Perfectionist tendencies suck anyway, but I happen to like that border. So ner.

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