Happy birthday Mr Duyvken

The kids and I gave him some bar towels and pillow cases from Branch Handmade. They're so beautifully made (I love Etsy) and I knew they'd be well received because Mr Duyvken loves cycling. We try not to talk about it in terms of addiction but that's basically what it is. I figure it's better than crack, right? By the way, both those photos are from branch handmade, I would love that black and purple blanket to be on my bed and to have artfully arranged pears for you but, sadly, I did not.)

I also made him a photographic present but I'll post about that tomorrow when I have had a chance to take some better pictures. In the meantime, these are a couple of my favourite shots;

That's JW making a cameo appearance in the last photo. She was very patiently waiting to grab Lightning McQeen.


Fran said…
Fantastic! Its great you put so much thought and effort into your gift giving.
Many happy returns to the Mr.!
Lynn said…
Happy birthday to Mr. D!

I would like to rediscover my childhood addiction to cycling. It would be a major improvement over my current addiction to sloth and fatty foods.
Corrie said…
gorgeous! happy birthday to your hubby! I was about to say what a gorgeous bedside table you had.......

Stomper Girl said…
Happy Birthday to Mr D. Those pillowcases are great!

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