Values Quilt

All finished! I made this cot sized quilt using a whole bunch of fabrics from my stash but I started with a blue fabric pack from retromummy. I love all the fairy tale and nursery rhyme fabrics that Corrie stocks and the three little pigs fabric in this quilt is so sweet. JW loves looking for the pigs and huffing and puffing when she spots one. All the corners went together pretty well but I did have one that didn't go so well. I didn't notice until I had the whole top together so rather than pulling it apart to get to the seam in question I pulled a little piece of fabric I had used in other projects and appliqued a heart over the spot. I added some orange perle cotton and was all done in a fraction of the time it would have taken me otherwise!

Eurolush asked me if it was going in my etsy shop but I'm keeping this one for the moment. Mr Duyvken really likes this one so I think I will be making more of these. There are so many ways to use these little triangles - just check out the values quilts on Flickr!


So sweet! (pssst... you know that's the true purpose of applique, don't you? It's supposed to hide all errors.)
Eleanor said…
Does it come in adult size?
Elizabeth said…
you know, I always loved quilts.
since I saw the first quilt in my life I wanted to have one or make one.
and when I finally get this sewing-machine from my mum I'll start one..
but how do you make a quilt? did you bought a set of different matching fabrics or did you choose them yourself? because this one is really really sweet..^^
Corrie said…
oh so pretty!!!!!! well done, love all the cute fabrics in there

craftschmaft said…
oh it's gorgeous!!!
Tania said…
It's a beauty. And I do love the 'patch' approach to problem solving. Looks like that heart was planned all along!
Stomper Girl said…
I think Mr Duyvken is quite right to want to hold on to that gorgeous quilt!

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