On (almost) getting stuff done

One load sorted, one load on the line and one load in the machine.

Enjoying the faint light on the freshly dusted sideboard before it all settles again and disturbs the sheen.
Bedclothes drying on the line.

The past week has been very dull. Dull but busy! Filled with washing sheets, doing laundry, dusting, cleaning, feeding children and all the usual tasks that are part of keeping everyone well fed and clean. There hasn't been any time for extra things like reading books, chatting with friends, quilting, etc and I have missed it. I don't cope well when I feel constantly rushed just to get the basic stuff done. A few extra hours in each day would be very welcome right now. And, hearing friends discuss nannies and cleaners and ironing help over the weekend just about did me in!

I do love it though, despite the lack of adult conversation (you, dear reader, are a very welcome part of my day in that dept.), the mundaneness of the tasks I do each day and the distinct lack of a paycheck (oh, how I miss having a paycheck) but if I wasn't home I would miss JW taking my hand, leading me down to the bedroom, pulling me down onto the rug and saying 'play with me'. And I would hate to miss that.
So there are still dishes in the sink but at least Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy and Macca Pacca have somewhere to live.


Eleanor said…
Are those the super fitted waterproof sheets with the terry-toweling which I used to worship as if they were the creation of the gods? Yes, I do believe they are.

Good times good times.

I think this post is so eloquent and honest and I LOVE it.

I also happen to think that you are amazing.

I'm also a little jealous of JW.
Fran said…
Here here.

Your day was much like mine it seems but I wouldn't trade all the mundaneness for the world.

I am right where I want to be at this point in my life - doing a very important job!
The Coffee Lady said…
I happen to think that sheets on the line are far from dull. They bring me some of my moments of purest joy.

I realise this is pitiful, but there it is.

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