I adore these origami mobiles from Red Berry Designs. I am hoping that she will be at the Mathilda's Market at Riverview in May because I would love to see it in person.
The Modern Quilt Guild blog has so many wonderful pictures and inspiring quilts.
Lovely Little Handmades has a lovely blog, 6 kids (!) and a great etsy shop. I bought some very cute fabrics from her recently.
A Little Bit Biased has a gorgeous wagon wheel quilt, I love the colours she chose to put together and, of course, I'm a sucker for anything with lots of white.
New Moon Studios is one of my favourite Etsy shops. I haven't purchased anything but I often stop by to admire their work and to imagine a day when I will be able to have ceramic items on display without fearing that they will be damaged by an over-active toddler.
Paperklip Design has some beautiful paper garlands. I'd love to get a butterfly garland for above G's bed (when I paint her room) and the alphabet garland for C and JW (when they have a room of their own and no longer share with their big brother). I came across her online shop through Retromummy, who always has lovely projects and ideas on her blog and the cutest fabrics in her shop.
I also finished the values quilt. I'll share that with you all tomorrow.


eurolush said…
Thanks for all the amazing links!!! That's definitely link love you're sharing there. I've had such fun looking at all the blogs and so many great ideas...and MUSHROOMS!!!


Thank you, A!!!
Mary said…
Thank you so much

and do this again please - I adore etsy but can't always find my way around it

your picks are gorgeous

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