Things not done

We had a great trip to the US, but there were a couple of important things that we weren't able to do. I am hopeful that, at some point, we'll be able to do them but it would have been great to do them this time.

The first thing we didn't do was get down to Atlanta. Mr Duyvken's sister lives there with her family. We really wanted to spend some time with them but our trip was short and flights from Boston to Atlanta were very expensive. I know that one of the things Nicole always does with visitors is take them to The Cheesecake Factory so we made sure to do that while we were in Boston. I had started to acclimatise to the comedically over-sized drinks and meal sizes by then but I was still blown away by what constitutes a child-sized serving of pasta. Wow! The food was really nice and the waitress was suitably effusive so we had a fun night and thought of the K family down south.

The other thing that I am very disappointed we missed out on was going to Worcester to meet a friend who I have only ever known online. Michelle and I met through a parenting website when we were expecting our babies born in August 2000. That feels like an age ago and even though the board we met on has long since gone our friendship has remained. It sounds like my sister will be in Boston for a while longer than I'd thought so there should be plenty more opportunities to meet up! And, Michelle? It turns out my sister's father-in-law grew up in Worcester!
So, I'd better start saving my pennies for next time.


Cascade Lily said…
Travelling is so tiring and we can never do as much as we'd like! Sounds like you all had a wonderful trip regardless :)

Glad the back to school routine went pretty well, despite balloons popping!
eurolush said…
Just remember--if you'd been able to see all you'd wanted to see, there would be no reason to go back again!

Am I right?
Great to have an excuse to return !
Michelle said…
all the really cool people are from worcester. ;)

You'll have to email me and let me know his name and where he grew up.

I'm so sad we didn't get to meet up either. It was a crazy busy time for you guys and frankly, playing in snow with the kids and visiting with your sister is a lot more fun than meeting up with some 'imaginary online friend'. ;)

I really find it hard to believe we've known each other that long!
Anonymous said…
Oh your trip looked amazing. There never are enough hours in the day no matter where you are in the world.. but there's always next time.
Lynn said…
And tragically you missed the verdant rolling pastures of rural Missouri, too. The nearest Cheesecake Factory is 100 miles away, but I have my own resident vegetarian gourmet chef and baker who would be happy to meet your culinary needs...

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