Red velvet cupcakes RULE

Thanks for coming to Disneyland with me yesterday. You are wise commenters - not that there was ever any doubt about that - and pointed out correctly that it only rains in Southern California in the winter. It turns out that my mum was 100% correct it was my recall that was at fault. Sorry mum!
Today I am going to take you to the La Brea Tarpits. The George C. Page Museum was fairly new when we lived in Los Angeles in the '70s and I remember it being a scarily exciting place that had rambling room after room filled with skeletons, tar pull pools and photo displays and huge grounds including pools showing animals trapped in the tar as they would have been 25 000 years ago. The reality was significantly smaller, it is funny how memory plays these tricks on us, but I think the kids were just as impressed as I was all those years ago. They particularly loved exploring it all with Uncle Tyler who is an archeologist. On the toddler's list of cool jobs this comes in second only to the postie granting him instant rock star status with my kids!

We took a well-deserved red velvet cupcake break before we headed to the Farmers Market. Red velvet cake is amazing (you lucky Americans) and because you can't get it here I made sure to eat my fill while we were in the US. I now have an extra padded wasitline to remind me not to over-indulge next time. I guess if you average out the number of red velvet cakes over the whole year it won't look so bad. I think I'll do that, OK? The red velvet cupcakes we ate this day were from Ralphs and while the cake was amazingly light and sponge-like the icing was a little heavy. The Starbucks icing was much better but the actual cake wasn't as good, maybe one day they'll get together to produce the ultimate red velvet cake. A girl can dream!

The Farmers Market was bustling and we all ate well. I had a great time entertaining the littlies while everyone took their turns getting lunch and Grace had fun playing photographer. Don't you just love all those black and white photos on the wall? I couldn't find an info plaque about them but they seemed to be visitors to the Markets across the years.


The Coffee Lady said…
My sister-in-law was going on about red velvet cupcakes the other day - I wonder if it's possible to find a good recipe? We could do a transatlantic bake-a-thon (or, you know, I could just make some buns and eat them).
Fe said…
SUCH great pics!!

I remember red velvet cupcakes. Mmmmmmmm.

Eleanor said…
Well done Grace!! Those photos are awesome. Duvvy - you look so beautiful, and I'm loving the longer hair, and the colour of the scarf...but who is that GIRL with you? That is not a BABY. I thought the deal was that JW was not going to grow up? Regarding red cannot ever "over" indulge in them. Impossible.
Name: Fiona said…
I have a great recipe if you want it - they are truly delicious!
Lynn said…
That looks like one fancy farmers' market. Ours is a little corner of the WalMart parking lot.

(Stunning photos of you and the tiny! Well done, Grace!!)
Jen said…
Dang, your trip is taking me back! I used to live in walking distance of the Tar Pits, right there in the Miracle Mile. LB and my first date: Disneyland. Second date: Tar Pits.
Corrie said…
oh amelia those photos are gorgeous! love the second one of you! hilarious! I find I never get in front of the camera!

wow I've never tried a red velvet cupcake but I feel the need too now! maybe I can try and make one and find a recipe online! they just sound divine!!!!!

looks like a great trip!!
blackbird said…
Hello cutie pies!
I've been catching up on your sounds great!
BabelBabe said…
i have a decent red velvet cake recipe...will dig it up.

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