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Friday, January 29, 2010

J started school today and to mark the occasion C and JW and I thought we would get balloons for G and J to congratulate them on a successful return/start to school and and to celebrate them being the 'girl team' at home. We stopped at the local party shop on the way to school this afternoon and selected 2 red, one pink and one yellow balloon.
The girls were very excited about it partly because they each had their own balloon and partly because they took their role as official congratulators very seriously. Unfortunately, before we even made it to the part of the school where we meet the kids C's pink balloon burst on the grass leaving her in tears and then, shortly after giving J his yellow balloon (with lots of cuddles and greetings of "decongratulations") his balloon also burst on the grass. JW's balloon followed suit before we were back at the car and only G's balloon made it all the way home. So my little balloon experiment was not the resounding success I had hoped it would be but none of the children seem permanently scarred amd J had a wonderful day with his teacher, Mr H, and his great friend, Ben. I think he's going to have a very good year.
I can end this post with another little piece of good news - when your 3 year old fills the washing machine wth laundry powder when she is supposed to be napping and you need to vacuum the machine to get it out you then discover that the rest of the house is filled with a lovely fresh perfume every time you vacuum. Without my darling C I would never have discovered this!


Mary :

that was like the winnie the pooh story where he and piglet try to give eeyore presents - a balloon which bursts and a honey jar that a little bear empties - and yet eeyore puts the burst balloon into the empty jar and is perfectly delighted!!

The Coffee Lady :

Is it bad to be secretly happy that your balloons burst? Because that's the kind of thing that usually happens to me, whenever I try out a blogger's "What a perfect day this was" kind of idea.

Lynn :

Congratulations to the schoolgoers, and on the lovely new fragrance in your house (tee hee). Just sorry about the balloons. We have about a gazillion here if you need any...

Corrie :

oh no! sounds like when justin when nuts with vanilla carpet powder. He insisted on it and used 1 whole pack in 1 room....I still get the scent of vanilla almost 6 months later!

think of the memories you now have!

Fran :

So glad to hear J's start to school life went well - go the girl team!! Miss A's first day went fantastically, she came out of school today on a real high :) Thanks for thinking of us.

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