Los Angeles

The delightful Jen from Knitters-Knitters has posted a fantastic photo of her and her husband at the La Brea tarpits after reading about our visit there. It's such a gorgeous photo - beautiful smiles, fantastic sun flare and knowing that the photo captures the start of a relationship that has created a loving home and 6 beautiful children adds something special for me. Jen, apart from being a wonderful knitter has excellent taste in names. One of her girls is named Agatha and my niece, Agatha, is in a lot of these photos from the trip adding another little element of coincidence.
Here are photos of a few other things we got up to in LA.
A little apres-shopping mall dancing,

A visit to Mann's Chinese Theatre,

And a walk through UCLA where my dad studied. The kids had a wonderful time running along the paths and playing in the Franklin D Murphy sculpture garden.

Dad would have loved having us all together like this, showing us all his old haunts and seeing all his grandchildren together. He died just a few days before J was born and it makes me so sad to think of how much he is missing out on. He was an amazing grandfather to G. It also makes me sad to think of how much the kids are missing out by not having him in their lives. He wasn't with us on this trip but we did get a photo of the whole family on campus so because he studied there and, indeed, spent all his working life in tertiary education, I feel that his presence and not just his absence is notable in this photo. This one is definitely being framed and hung on the wall.


eurolush said…
I'm so sorry about the loss of your dad. I think that last photo with the whole gang together would've made him really, really happy. It's wonderful that you felt his presence so strongly.

Looks like you had a fabulous time in CA. Thanks for sharing!
Eleanor said…
Oh would you look at your Shirley Temple!

I understand what you mean about your father's presence. I feel my grandfather's presence here too, in the streets along which he used to walk. It's a wonderful photograph.
Corrie said…
oh you nearly made me cry there! how special that photo will be.

and yes look at little curly there! adorable! miss tillie has curls but not all over more a half head!


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