I have decided to join along with Alice, Mary, et al in taking a series of photos of the same spot throughout the year and at different times of day. I live in a temperate spot so I don't expect that there will be a dramatic variation between the photos but I am interested in joining in nonetheless.
This link will take you to Alice's post where she explains the inspiration behind the project, and this link will take you to Mary's post and her first photo.
So, that's it, the rotunda at my local park. I am hoping that those a flowering bushes in the front there, that would add a little interest at some point, don't you think?


Corrie said…
gorgeous! what a beautiful park! we had fun driving around your neighbourhood peering out at some of the huge houses!!!!!!!!!!!1

Tuli said…
That is a beautiful spot! Do you spend a lot of time there?

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