It's snowtime

The trip was only organised in November but ever since then the children have been chattering very excitedly about seeing snow, playing in snow, hitting uncle Tyler with snowballs, catching snowflakes on their tongues, etc, etc, etc. We were a little nervous that there might be a warm spell and they'd miss out on snow but Boston weather was very considerate. We walked out of the airport as snow was falling and the city was blanketed in white. It was cold but it was beautiful!
Within hours of landing we'd snuggled into winter gear and were at the park enjoying the snow. I love this photo of JW, you can see how delighted she is in the first photo and then how distressed she is when she realises she can't pull her feet out of the snow. Like a good mama I snapped a photo before I picked her up :-)
The way the snow sits so softly on the bare branches took my breath away. I didn't capture it well but I love it. I felt like I was in a naif painting walking through these streets.
Here they are, all ready for some winter fun! Look at how glamorous my mum and sister managed to look. They put me and my borrowed jacket and boots to shame!

They're not saying "cheese" in this picture, they're screaming "SNOWTIME!"


Michelle said…
OH I bet the kids were so excited. I'm glad our weather cooperated for your family. :) We had a nice cold snap that week and a lot of snow.
Eleanor said…
I was thinking of your kids the ENTIRE time it snowed, and that's exactly how I imagine JW, hehehe...

You sister looks quite Duyvkenish.

e xxxxxxxxx
Corrie said…
oh gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! they all look soooo cute and I love that you have them all lined up there

I remember when justin was living in paris and I'd visit, I'd be wearing his huge footie socks under my jeans so my toes didn't freeze off and rugged up so tightly and you'd see these gorgeous french women in regular clothes and a coat not bundled up in so many layers! the next winter I invested in a huge zara parka and knee high boots with a comfy sole like the european ladies had and felt much more stylish!
eurolush said…
I'm really enjoying tagging along with you on part of your US vacation! How nice that you were able visit both coasts and see family. Love the shot of you with your old school.

My dad is originally from Boston. My parents lived there until 1999. I loved going to visit them. Winters were unreal, with all that snow! I don't think they miss those snowy winters too much, now that they're in Atlanta.

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