Best trip ever

We had such a wonderful time with my mum, my two darling sisters, my brother-in-law and the cutest neice in all of North America. I am trying to pretend that our adventure hasn't come to an end yet so I am going to relive it through the photos, want to come with me?

My mum always tells me that it never rains in Southern California in the winter. Well, my mother lied because the day we went to Disneyland it POURED. These rain slickers were $6 a pop and they were doing a roaring trade.

We didn't mind because we brought our own blue sky (umbrella)
and we were determined to have fun. We played, we laughed, we explored, we ate food out of plastic baskets (those wacky Americans) and I had one of the best days of my life.

Unfortunately, a few things were closed because of the weather (look at all those lonely tea cups)but that's just a compelling reason to go back one day, don't you think? I'm hoping for 2013.


The Coffee Lady said…
Thing is, that teacup shot wouldn't have been half as nice with a load of people in.
Mary said…
More more more


And lovely to have you home again!!
Eleanor said…
Oh wow! I remember you posting about that blue-sky umbrella a while ago. Looks like it came in handy...saving it for a rainy day.

You're home! Welcome home Duvvy. I saw you waving by the way.
Tuli said…
We crazy Americans. We lurve our plastic food baskets. :)

Glad you had a wonderful and safe trip!
It's always lovely to see family , isn't it!
Rain or no rain , that Disney looked great . And perhaps the queues were shorter !
Looking forward to lots more photos .
Sorry ! Proof reading failure . I meant Disney trip , of course .
Jen said…
Aw, I love Disneyland! Mum is wrong--the only time in DOES rain in So. Cal is in the winter. And those few times it rains, it rains and rains...
Corrie said…
looks like you had a gorgeous trip! disneyland is top of my list on a visit to the states but what a shame about the rain!!!!

glad to see you're back safe and sound! any fabric shopping while you were over there??????

Auntie S said…
I'm sad our holiday is over too! And I think you'll find that Mum always said that the only time it rains is between December and March. (Just felt I had to defend her honour!)

How come your photos always turn out so much better than mine?
Lynn said…
My youngest swooned when he saw the teacup ride. It is his dream to see it in person.

Welcome home!!
Suzy said…
So glad that the trip went well! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures.

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