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We're not done yet! We fit a lot into the few days we were in Los Angeles. In fact, there is a bunch of stuff I haven't told you yet, like the time Mr Duyvken drove us all over LA looking for Olivera St, finding it eventually but discovering that everything was shut for the day so then driving around looking for mexican food, constantly getting lost and finally giving up at about 10pm and taking the kids to the saddest looking McDonalds in all of creation for dinner. It wasn't a highlight! We requested a sat-nav when we booked the car hire but when we arrived to collect the car we were told that they didn't have any left. They also didn't have any detailed maps so we were mostly winging it. Luckily, it's a great city to drive around, the freeways are easy to follow and the drivers are so considerate we only had trouble a couple of times. We had a particularly memorable detour to Long Beach on the way to Disneyland thanks to a wrong turn when I was navigating. I never have been good at left and right!

On our last day in LA we bought shoes for G and J who were both wearing sneakers that were too small. They've both grown so much since winter! We noticed how much the shoe display looked like the skull display at the tar pits. In fact, I wish I'd taken a better photo of the shoes to be able to contrast them properly but I felt like a very strange tourist taking a photo inside a shoe shop so decided just to leave it at one!

We ate at the Border Grill in Santa Monica. This is my sister's favourite restaurant and after hearing so much about it there was a lot to live up to and it didn't disappoint. The food was beautiful!
We took a stroll along Rodeo Dr admiring the window displays and the Christmas decorations,

and we stopped by my old school! It's just as green as I remember it!


Corrie said…
oh how lovely! I am just loving all your holidays pics mind you, you really had me with the red velvet cupcakes!! What a cute school too...
Lynn said…
Loving the skulls next to the shoes - HA!

Glad you eventually found better things to eat than McDonalds fare!!!

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