What a time to travel

We're all heading to the to US today to visit my sister and give the extra security that has been put in place after the terrorism attempts at Christmas it should be an interesting trip. It's not a great time for a nervous traveller to put all her precious children on a plane to USA.
Wish us luck!


Fe said…
Oooh!! Have a wonderful time! I flew through the US just after 9/11, and it added HOURS to my time spent in US airports.

Take lots of distractions for the kidlets.


Adina said…
I hope you have a wonderful trip!
Michelle said…
ahhh I haven't given you my cell phone number!
I will email you. :)
Fran said…
Good luck and God bless Amelia.

Hope you and all the kids enjoy your trip - how exciting!!!
sophie said…
have an awesome holiday!
Tuli said…
Woo! Where in the States are you headed? (If you've mentioned it, sorry I missed it.)
Belinda said…
I've probably missed you already. But have a fabulous time!

I wished I known you were headed out yesterday. I could of seen you off at the airport. I worked yesterday!
Good luck and enjoy! all that extra security makes you doubly safe.
eurolush said…
Happy travels to you, Duyvken! Hope wherever you are, you're staying warm!

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