Bags appliqued with the duyvken logo (!) and ready for Allie's Attic market tomorrow at Paddington Town Hall from 10am. I drew it so it looks like a bird to me but now that I look at it from a distance I think maybe it looks like a puddle. What do you see?
A Pe De coffee grinder I'm always hoping to find in the window up at my local St Vincent de Paul shop, so far, no luck but I live in hope. Imagine my surprise this morning when I spotted one over at Myrtle and Eunice?!
And dancing shoes because I am supervising at the school disco tonight. That should be a hoot!


Eleanor said…
Duyvken logo, yes!!! So lovely.

Paddington you say...will you be there? I might pop by.
Corrie said…
school disco! supervise those children won't you! I still remember mine from primary school with the marist boys!!!!! too funny!

fingers crossed for tomorrow
Tania said…
How MEAN was I to gloat over my coffee grinder! Am now sending any of my remaining 2009 Op Shop luck and winging it over in your direction...BEST OF LUCK!
Mary said…
straight away I saw the bird,,

and it is beautiful
That's definitely a bird,a very graceful bird .You're definitely a grown-up , if your supervising the school disco .
I hope everyone had a fabulous evening .

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