Mother and Child

I love this stamp from the 2009 Auspost Christmas stamp designs. The magi are nice but I really love the madonna with child design. I'd love to be able to buy a poster of this but it looks like a maxicard is as big as it gets and that's not actually the whole picture. I have a small collection of mother and child pictures and would love to have this with them. Maybe I should just buy a small frame and put the stamp in the middle?


Eleanor said…
A few weeks ago I came across a photo taken by Journeymama's husband Chinau, I've been adoring it and planning to buy a print. Now it makes me think of you:
Lynn said…
I think stamp-in-small-frame would be lovely!
Corrie said…
yes I love it too! I pointed it out to keira and said who is....totally cool she says ' mary and baby jesus' in the sweetest little voice!!!!!!! I love that she gets it when she's 3

I agree wouldn't a poster be just lovely, I still have a lot of the little holy cards and medals from my aunty who was a nun and would give us everytime we visited her at the convent. I just love the pictures so much and must get them out in a little arrangement!

hope you and your family had a wonderful christmas!
blackbird said…
Best Wishes from me!

I love the stamp in frame option . It's such a pretty design!
Just been catching up and am delighted that you did the meme . Thankyou ! Though this uncovered my lack of knowledge about O.K signs .... not the thumbs up ? Anyway your children seem to be thriving on whichever you're using .
Oh , and don't give up on Etsy . It's early days yet and recession has made people slower to buy . It should pick up a bit now that everyone's coped with Christmas expenses . I'm hanging on to this belief and would like someone else to , too.!

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