G and C finished school for the year today. I appliqued an old t-shirt to mark the occasion and C was very excited about it. She looked adorable in her knee socks and shorts but these pre-school kids know how to put together an outfit, check this out!

That's JW in the background, she sits herself down and gets straight to playing when we get to pre-school because she knows that as soon as everyone is signed in and the lunches, fruit and water bottles are in the right baskets we're heading out the door. I wonder if she'll love it so much when it's actually her turn to stay all day.
J turns 5 tomorrow and we had a party for him on Saturday. I had one of my biggest cake decorating disasters ever but, as you can see from the photo, he didn't seem to mind. One of J's best friends missed his party because his mum got the date wrong so we're having them and a few other people over tomorrow afternoon to share in a donut stack cake and make to the birthday boy feel special. After all, turning 5 is kind of a big deal, don't you think?


Eleanor said…
Happy holidays and happy birthday to J! Those photos are simply the best Duvee.
Lynn said…
Those girls are stylin'! And I want the haircut of the little girl in the tutu.

Happy birthday, J!
Fran said…
At this time of the year when everything is so hectic and so many things are happening it's so easy to let important things slip by without much notice (like I do). Good for you for making the end of the school year a little special - your ace mum!

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