Pan fried mushrooms (cooked in a little olive oil and light soy sauce) served with vegies and avocado. The kids can't get enough enoki mushrooms at the moment and because their perfume always reminds me of corn I added some corn to this mix.
What's in it? Diced onion, garlic, the diced stem of the flat mushroom, diced capsicum, enoki, green beans, corn off the cob, bread crumbs, salt and pepper along with a little olive oil is all that's on this and it tasted delicious.


sue said…
Wow what a great meal. I have been discussing with my kids to start having some meals throughout the week that dont include eggs or meat perhaps 2 nights a week. They seem to be carnivores at the moment and I get a bit tired of having the same thing all the time. Your recipe sounds very nice, might have to try it out for myself.
corry said…
Bon appetit!

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