Come for a walk

This time last year JW and I took you out for coffee and this year we thought we'd do it again. G came along as well (as a means of avoiding a trip to Bunnings with Mr Duyvken, J and C) and we walked up admiring all the agapanthus that are still flowering, chatting about school and G's hopes for the holidays.

There are a few coffee places to choose from at our local shops but we decided on the Danish pastry place (that confusingly has a french name) and ordered a poppy seed danish and apple crumble slice.
We chatted with the people at the tables near us and some of our friends from the neghbourhood who came by while we were sitting there. We did some people watching. These people looked like they were having a great time,
and we loved this woman's skirt.
We popped into the supermarket on the way back to pick up some bananas and a little more bling for the tree.
I also discovered that if I decide to whore it up for Christmas I don't need to travel far to outfit myself. What a relief!


Eleanor said…
Lynn said…
But which ensemble will you choose? (Those pastries looked divine!!)

(I seem to be following the laughing Eleanor from blog to blog...)
rhubarbwhine said…
Rofl. So which one did you choose? :)
Fran said…
oh dear, after having a good laugh I took another look at the outfits - are they serious? Who would ACTually buy these????

Happy Christmas Amelia :)
I'm sure Mr D would love any one of those. And they seem particularly racy for your neck of the woods. I'm impressed.
Fe said…
BRILLIANT!! i want to see you "whoring it up for Christmas"!!!


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