B for barter

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

This new cushion is smaller than the one I made in November for my nephew and is a gift to welcome a new baby boy, Bailey, to the neighbourhood. I hope he likes those fuzzy edges. I've discovered that the trick to getting a turn holding the new baby is to give the parents something to unwrap when you arrive so this should buy me some snuggle time tomorrow. See, it looks like it's for him but really it's all about me :-)


The Coffee Lady :

I'm idle, see, and I think that's a lot of work just for a cuddle. I go with wrenching the child away.

sue :

Arent cuddling new babies the best! I hope the cushion brings you lots of snuggle time, it looks very cute.

Fran :

Ha, your hilarious! What a great gift to welcome a little one into the world.

Fe :


Thanks for the tip! There's nothing quite like a newborn cuddle ...

Actually, I just take my camera out and tell them that I'll get much better pics if I've bonded with the baby!

Cuddles galore!


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