7 things about me

The delightful duo SmitoniusandSonata have given me an award (an award!) and tagged me to participate in the Kreativ Blogger 7 Things Meme (a meme!). So, what are 7 things you don't know about me? Well, here they are,

1. All parents should have a convincing 'thumbs up' in their arsenal of encouraging words and gestures but I, sadly, do not. My 'thumbs up' attempts are pathetically limp and ill-formed. I worked hard on it through 2009 but it didn't get any better or any easier. But what can I do? The OK gesture is just as bad and if I wave at them they feel compelled to stop whatever they are doing to return the wave which isn't what I am aiming for. I just want to let them know that I'm watching, that they're doing well and to encourage them to keep having fun. I ruined a few soccer goal attempts this year by waving!

2. None of my quilts sold at the market last weekend. Nor have they sold on etsy. So, whilst I am perfectly happy with my quilts and my quilting, I have to admit that other people (although very polite) are not interested in parting with money to have a duyvken original snuggling their precious little bundle. Somewhat pathetically, I had already mentally built a small empire on my little quilts. I was designing labels and building a studio in the roof space. You know those gorgeous attic conversions? Yes, one of those was going to be mine. Which proves that I am a dyed in the wool optimist! The upside of having all those quilts still sitting in the cupboard at my house is that I will be well stocked for when new babies are born and school fundraiser time rolls around again. See, there's always an upside.

3. I heart Bernard Fanning. To prove that my affection is not misplaced I give you Exhibit A:
and Exhibit B:

I rest my case.

4. I just finished JM Coetzee's Slow Man. It was wonderful! The book I read before that was an Elizabeth George mystery which probably makes JM seems even better than he actually is but even taking that into account he is a remarkable writer. It's a very thought provoking book.

5. My hairdresser's name is Betty.

6. I have met some amazing and wonderful people through blogging - a big shout out to all of you!

7. Mr Duyvken has man flu. He's been stricken for a couple of weeks. It's a particularly bad case of man flu, as I am sure you can imagine. So, not a lot of fun for me, as I am also sure you can imagine. So the last thing you might not know about me is that I am not a fan of man flu.

Tomorrow, I'll be back to tag 7 other people!


The Coffee Lady said…
Poor Mr D. I have man flu too. But mine is worse than anyone else's, because that is a main MF symptom.
Lynn said…
Ooh, so sorry about the ill health. The mucus continues to flow over here - I think we're making up for having been disgustingly healthy last holiday season.

What Coffee Lady isn't revealing is that she is in fact near death with a rare and catastrophic disorder that afflicts only Coffee Ladies. Most disturbing. You'll have to ask her for more details.

P.S. I luv your quilts.
sue said…
I hope Mr. D feels better soon so you can get some rest! Your quilts are gorgeous and I am sure after xmas people will start buying them. Thank you too for my parcel of your stash fabrics, the babushka and paisley ones were my favourites.
Anonymous said…
Oh you poor thing having to deal with man flu. We had a bout of mastro (man gastro) recently and it was horrific.

Markets are funny things. You think you'll sell out and you don't. You think it will be a quiet day and it goes nuts. Your quilts rock, they'll sell.

How long have you and Betty been seeing each other?
Fe said…
I am shocked that your quilts didn't sell at market!! SHOCK!

But you have to keep at it. Don't give up... they are unique and beautiful and maybe you just have to find the right market for your product.

I love Bernard Fanning too. I actually did some backing vocals for him at the Arias a few years ago. he's SUCH a nice man. *swoon*

Man flu is awful. Hope he's better soon.


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