Teacher gifts

I'm slowly making a few pencil rolls for the teachers for Christmas gifts this year. Yes, that's more of that alphabet fabric you can see!
I've modified it slightly but I am using the Pink Chalk Studio pencil roll pattern from the Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts book. It's such a gorgeous book, I want to make everything.


Fran said…
That was the first craft/quilting book I bought - so inspiring and beautifully presented. Gift giving (and making) is so wonderful, I love this time of year. What a great gift idea for the teachers in your children's lives!
They will be great!

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corry said…
Lovely gifts!
Cascade Lily said…
I have that book too. And have made one pencil roll. I need to make another, but it's waaaaay down the list. Actually I'm making two table runners as teacher gifts. Just got to make two girls skirts and applique two tees to match :)

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