Making flowers

G is making her first communion in a few weeks time and I want to make a sash for her to make her dress a little more special. It wasn't easy to find a nice, simple dress for her. I don't want her to look like a sparkly bridesmaid and I don't want her to look like a 17 year old but there isn't much in between!
I really need to learn to sew clothes so that I can make some things for her that are appropriate.
Luckily, my mum found a very sweet white broderie anglais sundress at Myer that will be perfect but it's a little plain so I have been wondering how to decorate it. I thought a sash with a flower would be sweet but I haven't been able to find any flowers that I like.
That was until today when I stumbled across this tutorial today via JCasa Handmade and I think it will be perfect! Now I just need to get some light grey/silvery cotton fabric and some fray stop and I can get started. I think G will enjoy working on this with me so I'll leave it for the weekend when we can do it together and Mr Duyvken can help keep my 3 other little helpers busy.


Lynn said…
Can't wait to see the finished product!
Eleanor said…
Oh! How exciting! Mazeltov! (wink)
Cascade Lily said…
She'll look gorgeous. I know what you mean about girls' clothes. Yuck.
Vanessa said…
It will look lovely - off to look at teh tutorial now, thank-you for sharing !
That's simple and lovely ! Grown up in a good way .
Flowers said…
Nice blog with a nice semi finished communion. I feel the same a sash with a flower will always looks cute. Expecting the picture of a finished product on your upcoming blog.
Corrie said…
oh gorgeous!!!!! I can't wait to make keira's first communion dress (in the future of course) but you'll jazz it up beautifully! I agree and can't wait to see what it looks like.

you can sew childrenswear and the best way to do that is just practice...luckily they don't know whether their hem is straigh or the zip is in perfectly! That is why i love sewing for my little miss


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