Looking for signs

You know it's time to put the sewing away when -
a) you stitch your ornament together with one of the fabrics the wrong way around, b) you try again and get the fabrics right but this time put the ribbon in the wrong way
c) you try yet again and get the fabrics right and the ribbon in the right way but the ribbon placement is a few mm's off and won't hang properly.
I am going to pay attention to all these portents, pack everything away and try again tonight.
Wish me luck!


Lynn said…
It's comforting for entry-level seamstresses like me to see these things. Gives me courage.

(And I'm sure that "seamstress" is so yesteryear, but I can't get used to people calling themselves sewers.)
Frogdancer said…
And I thought it was just me who did things like that!
corry said…
This could be my post (lol)!!
Good luck!
Cascade Lily said…
Man that's what I was doing last night! I sewed half a border on the wrong way. I also stitched a whole border before realising my bobbin ran out at the beginning. And I came up short on fabric. LOL. So, you see, you are not on your own!
sophie said…
That's so true!! It's the really simple mistakes you make that mean it's time to sleep, or have a cup of tea or something!!

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