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I added another stroller quilt (65cm x 76cm) to my etsy shop today. It's made using a moda authentic charm pack and the colours and typography prints are just gorgeous. I hand quilted diagonal lines using cream perle thread and it is backed with another alphabet print.

I love the backing fabric and am glad I bought quite a bit of it when I saw it at Spotlight.


Eleanor said…
I'm crazily sitting here trying to think if I know of anybody who's expecting a baby, because this would make the best baby present ever.

Ugh....the beauty....just so lovely.
Fe said…
I agree with Eleanor! It's simply stunning. I WISH I knew someone expecting a babe.
Cascade Lily said…
Well you just know how much I adore that fabric range :) Great job!
blackbird said…
is a lovely quilt.
Just my style.
Corrie said…
love that quilt! great combinations and I love how the backing looks like its part of the moda range! well done!!!

sue said…
The quilt is gorgeous and I love the alphabet fabric too.

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