First Communion

G's big day went beautifully. She, and all the other kids, were so wonderful last night at mass and then she thoroughly enjoyed herself this afternoon with all her cousins and family around her.
You'll notice that she's not wearing a flower on her sash. I couldn't get the aerosol fray stop and the liquid stuff just didn't work for me. I am sure that someone else would have mastered it but we just couldn't get it to work for us. We still want to try those lovely flowers so we'll order some of the spray online and let you know how it works out. G was very lucky to wear a marcasite brooch that belonged to my great aunt. To be honest, I think she liked it even more than the flower we'd been aiming for :-)


Mary said…
Bless her.

I remember my first Holy Communion very well and I am sure she will too.

Beautiful girl..
Eleanor said…
How absolutely wonderful!

Congratulations to dear G and the whole family, and thanks for sharing the day with us A.
Cascade Lily said…
She looked beautiful. And the brooch was extra special.
Tuli said…
Love that brooch! Glad her day went well. :)
Michelle said…
oh God Bless her!! I'm she'll remember this day for always.

I can't believe how old our kids are getting. :(
blackbird said…
She looks beautiful...warmest congratulations.
Congratulations on her special day ! The brooch looked lovely on that very pretty dress ....and there'll be plenty more occasions to make big flowers for .
Corrie said…
oh she looks gorgeous! looks like a beautiful day! I can't wait till keira's special day! I still remember mine

gorgeous, I'm sure she didn't mind the flower not being there!

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