I opened my little etsy shop today to much fanfare. We even had a ribbon cutting ceremony. Then we cracked open the asti, got busy serving nibblies and forgot to take pictures. You'll just have to imagine how much fun we had at 'the launch'.
Here are the first three quilts in the shop. A cot sized quilt using odyssea fabrics, a stroller quilt handquilted using odyssea fabrics,
and a stroller quilt handquilted using hushabye fabrics.
There will be more quilts added over the coming weeks.
Thanks for all your advice regarding selling online, it was interesting to read your experiences and definitely helped me decide which online service to use.
Now, back to my stitching.


Eleanor said…
Vanessa said…
Good Luck with your new etsy adventure. Beautiful fabrics and beautiful quilts !

Lynn said…
Wow, those are spectacular! Best of luck!!
rachel said…
Congratulations with your Etsy shop Amelia. The quilts are stunning. I love the Hushabye one best... its so pretty.
Mary said…
You go girl!

Congratulations from me !!

Michelle said…
Congrats!!! Much success to you with your shop. I'm sure you'll do well.
eurolush said…
Oh! How brave! I'm so excited for you...Now, off to your Etsy shop!
Cascade Lily said…
Oh well done Amelia! Love the 'launch' :) I cannot believe you find the time in between all your other responsibilities!
Brilliant ! Congratulations .
Beautiful quilts !!

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