Dinner tonight

There is nothing that cannot be improved by the addition of poppy seeds. This is a proven fact. So when making soy sausages wrapped in puff pastry with a side of vegetables and tomato sauce for dinner I couldn't resist dipping into my black pearl stash.

Thanks to Lynn for the idea!


Tuli said…
I have yet to try a tofu dog. BUT! I am now willing to try one wrapped in a puff pastry. They look yummy.
Frogdancer said…
"Black pearl stash".

Heh heh.
Lynn said…
Those look SO much yummier than ours. Did the little people like them?
Quite true . Poppy seeds make almost anything taste even nicer . They're essential on a white loaf . And I'm fairly certain I had a recipe for pasta with a sauce of melted butter and poppy seeds somewhwhere . Must try it sometime ....if I can find it .

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