Trick or Treat

2 fairies and a pirate (who insisted on wearing scary vampire teeth even though he had a devil of a time keeping them in his mouth).
This is the scene that greeted trick or treaters on our street tonight. J considered it to be a spruiking opportunity and was shouting out to everyone to encourage them in just as if he was at the fruit market. I feel confident that when he's older he'll always be able to get work screaming 'Strawberries! Strawberries! 3 punnets for $6!'


M said…
So that's where the last set of vampire teeth in Sydney went!

Blossom had to be content with a white face, red lips and blood dripping from her mouth.
Very sweet (and scary)
Lynn said…
You just can't have too many fairies.

(All three kids are adorable!)
Aunty Suzi said…
So cute!

I think you'll find Jem is dressed as one of the characters from the Vampirates novels( He's very advanced for his age.
eurolush said…
Ack! I'm sorry I missed commenting on this post. The kiddies look adorable!

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