We visited the Powerhouse Museum today to see the new exhibition of images of the universe taken using powerful telescopes and space probes. The pictures are amazing and the children had such a wonderful time exploring. We went to Chinatown for yum cha since we were already in the neighbourhood and stuffed ourselves with gai lan and dim sum. I love this so much I think I might make it my banner picture, that way I can admire it without having to dust it :-)


Cascade Lily said…
Eleanor said…
That would make an awesome banner.

But wait...tell me...is that JW looking so grown up in the stroller?

I really love this post!
Anonymous said…
What a great day to be indoors. Beautiful photos and .... mmm.... yum cha!
M said…
I do love the powerhouse. I always spend ages in the 'before our time' home section while the kids climb on some more modern newfangled thing.

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