The bear

That's better.
Thanks so much for all your kind words yesterday.


blackbird said…
Oh, my friend, I'm so sorry for your loss and I hope each day will be a little better.
Corrie said…
I think he'll be a special part of your family from now on...I have a little angel in my loungeroom for that reason.

take it easy
Beautiful -as it should be.
Much better.
Very sorry to read your news. I hope over time your heart will heal. Thinking of you and your lovely family xox
fiona said…
Oh, I am so sorry to read these last two posts. I have been there too - it's such a terribly, terribly sad thing.

The bear is lovely, just perfect.

Hope you are taking it easy. Thinking of you. xo
Eleanor said…
Is that G holding the bear? I bet it is.

E xxxx
eurolush said…
You've given that bear some personality with his new face. Very cute.

Thinking of you...
BabelBabe said…
I must say, the eyes are MUCH better.
Belinda said…
Hi Amelia - sorry I haven't been doing too much visiting so missed the last few posts until today. I'm so sorry. hugs to you and your gorgeous family xx
The bear looks so sweet with his cute new face, so nice of them to give you this. Just stumbled across your blog, take care.
He looks much nicer now . I hope you can cope with it all , little by little , and this was a good start .

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