Stitching for School

The director at J's pre-school has a bit of a crush on my husband. Well, perhaps it's more maternal than that, but we're reaping the benefits! She was the director there when Mr Duyvken was a child and remembers him fondly, even digging up a photo of him playing santa in the 1979 Christmas concert. She loves having 2nd generation children in her care and took wonderful care of G when she was there and J now that he is in his second year at pre-school. She runs a tight ship, has very good staff retention and we feel very comfortable leaving our little ones in her care.
C adores taking J to school, helping him put his backpack on the hook, his lunchbox and fruit in the baskets and chatting to his teachers. They're also very fond of her and her quirky little personality. In fact, they have some vacancies in the 3yo room and have offered to have her at school on Wednesdays. C was very excited about this (who doesn't want a backpack all of their own?) and they don't want to charge us for the day which made it very attractive to Mr Duyvken and me. She had her first day last week and loved it despite a little uncertainty when it came time for me to leave. The director rang a couple of times through the day to let me know how she was doing and to put my mind at ease. She's such a gem.
To mark the occasion, I made C a drawstring bag to keep her cot sheet in for afternooon naptime and put a fabric cuff on a handtowel for her to hang in the bathroom. Of course, J insisted that he have a new set as well and with so many lovely fabrics currently in my stash I couldn't refuse. It was very satisfying making these simple little things, knowing that the children will use them and love them. It made me very happy indeed.


sheron said…
This is a nice job ..always go for your school give some knowledge for us.


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Tuli said…
What cuties! (Your kids and your stitching creations!)
Kate said…
Thanks for the platypus love. Wasn't he show great - so much inspiration and lovely crafters!
Eleanor said…
Oh this is the sweetest thing ever!!!!!
Corrie said…
oh man can we swap pre-schools! they are on to their 3rd pre-school teacher since keira started. needless to say its her last day there today! sigh! aren't you lucky!

I recognise those fabrics, you're a good customer amelia! I might need a frequent flyer program!


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