I've been very busy spring cleaning around here this week. I am trying to make the house feel more spacious by decluttering so that we can better use the space that we have. I guess you could call it reverse renovating because I'm not making the space any bigger I am making us smaller so that we're comfy in it :-)
I regained a lot of living space today by finally getting rid of the piano. We got it about a 18 months ago through Freecycle and were very excited about having a piano for only the cost of a removalist but when we had a piano tuner come to look at it we realised that it needed a lot more work than we could pay for. Thus began the process of trying to get rid of the piano. We had so far spent $300 on the removalist and the piano tuner so hoped to sell it for that much so that we could break even on the Great Piano Experiment of 2008. I had no luck selling it and then I had no luck giving it away so today I paid to have it taken to the tip. It seems ridiculous but, sadly, that's where it has ended up. The removalist and the tip fees cost $185 so that's $485 spent discovering that you shouldn't talk to strangers offering free pianos.
One day we'll live in a house that has room for a piano and we will go to a real life second hand store to buy one.
But this is not a post about my piano woes, this is a post about a giveaway!
I bought these little painted easter eggs from Bed Bath 'n Table a few years ago and hang them on a bare branch at Easter. They're very sweet but I am being ruthless and just don't have enough room to store them for 11 1/2 months each year. I've got 2 boxes to give away (one blue and one green) so leave a comment and I'll draw 2 winners! Good luck, dear readers.


Hedgehog said…
I've also been very busy remaking my apartment into a new apartment! I haven't been very good at getting rid of things, though, but have been working on some crafty UFOs! Please enter my name for the green eggs, they're adorable!
Cascade Lily said…
My SIL had those eggs this Easter and I loved them. Like Jen I'd like the green ones, but am not fussy if my name is drawn!
Oh my! The piano story is a cautionary tale.
Corrie said…
oh no, we must have scored then because we paid $250 on ebay for n older than the hills piano and $200 on the removal plus the tuner but he came out and said it was a real find and worked great. tuned it up and is a real gem but um no one plays it as I have no time, keira bangs around on it once a week and thats about it!!!!!! so its good for banging around on!
love love love your swingset! wow aren't you lucky...I mean the kids of course!!!!! that would keep them busy for hours! wish we had the space!
anne said…
sorry to hear about your piano woes, yep we had one and luckily sold it in a garage sale. Love the eggs, please count me in.

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