Flying Geese

Sorry about the pictures, I don't know why Blogger is putting it in sideways and I can't figure out a way to rotate it.I am still stitching away on my colour spectrum yo yo quilt for JW. I found a new blue to replace the pale yoyos I wasn't happy with. It's a from the girlfriends range by Jennifer Paganelli and is a beautiful jewel-toned aquamarine. The yoyos are finally all blind stitched in place and I have been playing with flying geese blocks. I love the way flying geese look but, until now, hadn't tried to make any. I found a great tutorial online and it has been very quick and painless. I love tutorials with lots of photos!

Now I just need to finalise the layout. Any ideas? I want the finished quilt to be roughly cot sized so I will need to add some elements to the top and bottom of the design but I'm coming up blank and I'd love some input.



Cass said…
Just a thought on the photos. Sometimes I have to rotate them in my photo programme (even though they look right way up there) for them to load correctly in blogger
Cascade Lily said…
Glad you found a happy blue. What about more yoyos in a line for top and bottom elements? You could echo with another row of flying geese top and bottom too.

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