Scenes from today

I spent some time trying to get all the stain off of the cupboard so that I can refinish it and get it into the kid's room. This is turning into a much bigger project than I had anticipated, I hope it's worth it.
I swept the path in my favourite shoes.

I'm still stitching away on the centre for JW's colour wheel quilt. I need to get a new blue fabric to replace the pale blue yoyos, don't you think?

I've also been admiring my new rug! It's wool, it's big and it was only $135. It's lame to be so thrilled about it but I luff it.
And finally, let me leave you with the reason Mr Duyvken will no longer be allowed any unsupervised visits to Harvey Norman.What have you been up to today?


hehe boys! I think so to the blue, just a touch darker maybe. Looking fantastic. Today we went to a baptism, birthday party and then the Darwin show! xox
Frogdancer said…
hI agree with you about the blue yo yos. They aren't the same colour intensity as the others.
I spent 10 minutes quilting over the top of my string quilt, then the next five hours unpicking it because it looked terrible. (There was about 3 hours of driving children from one side of the city to the other mixed into that three hours.) Pretty much a wasted day, really.
Anonymous said…
Unsupervised visits to electronic stores to buy stuff "for the kids" is never wise!

That cupboard does look like a lot of work, but it is already showing its beauty. Good luck with it.
Lynn said…
Today I: read countless picture books, made a little "art wall" to display my children's pictures, supervised the making of pictures on a flannel board using bits of colorful wool, admired the surprise lilies that just emerged, read some more, made mock-cheese quesadillas and sautéed chard, and took a lovely late-afternoon nap. Ha - aren't you glad you asked?

Love your shoes and rug, and my secondborn says he wants a quilt like that one, too! (Have fun with the Wii...)
The Coffee Lady said…
So much activity! It's making me tired...

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