Scenes from today

I was sure I had the single girl quilt pattern I wrote about in my last post but after going through my books I realised I didn't. I do now though! There were only two things in today's post and they were both personal mail, I love a day that doesn't involve a bill!

I've almost finished painting the primer on the cubby and clearing the back fence so that I can get some beds planted out before the summer.
The camellias are extraordinary this year. We must have had just the right balance on sunshine and rain over the past few months. The trees are weighed down with blossoms and we are lucky to have a lot of them in our garden.

We also have a lot of rainbow lorikeets and they helped clear up after lunch.

They retired to the trees after fighting over our crumbs singing and skittering about making it very difficult for me to take a photo. This one is for Lynn who likes bright colours and things that blossom and has left me some lovely messages lately. Thanks for stopping by!


Mary said…
I love that your home is surrounded by trees and birds and flowers could be the mountains!
Lovely pictures! Yard is looking green and the kids must love the cubby. Lucky kids.
Also about a month ago you stopped by my blog and left a message about my giraffe. Anyway because of all the lovely comment I had a giveaway on that post and you won!! So if you send me you details I'll get a little something out to you xox
Lynn said…
Ooh! Thank you and you're welcome!

I am distracted from the roses by the lorikeets - trying to imagine living in a place where something so magical exists!!
The Coffee Lady said…
Why is it a single girl quilt?
Frogdancer said…
Lorikeets are great. Every year they come and visit our yard to raid the fig tree. I never eat the figs, so I'm more than happy to keep the tree there just for them.
Those birds are like teenagers having a party in your trees - everyone talks at once!

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